A staple of any Italian menu is a burger! 

When Christmas shopping at a huge retail park there are many choices one has when picking somewhere to eat. Unfortunately all of them are terrible. The usual array of chain restaurants and fast food places light up the centre of the over crowded car park like the prostitutes of Amsterdam. Not being able to stomach a KFC and not feeling adolescent enough for a Nando’s-no matter how cheeky it is- we decided on Bella Italia. We were stuck for choice between two places. The aforementioned and another chain Italian restaurant called Ask Italian. We chose the quietest one and now I … Continue reading A staple of any Italian menu is a burger! 

Pizza Union

In April the missus and I traveled down to London for a weekend away. We decided on the first night there to try and get theatre tickets but ended up spending most of our money on them. At £5 a pint in most places in London I was pretty nervous about how the rest of the trip might play with not much money left. Skip forward to the day after and a free hotel desk apple for breakfast was enough to keep us going for a stroll around Camden market. Lunch time was dawning on us and my belly was … Continue reading Pizza Union

Burger and Lobster

I’d seen it a couple of times on my Facebook timeline. “Burger and Lobster with my bae” Burger and Lobster mmmmm” “Want to live here!” “Lobster and prosecco with my girlies”  They are popping up everywhere, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and a couple in London are just a few of the venues they have opened. I never fancied trying the Manchester restaurant at any time but on a Saturday night out in London and failing to book anywhere decent we found ourselves wandering into the SoHo branch and asking if they had a table available.  What first hit me was how … Continue reading Burger and Lobster