Pizza Union

In April the missus and I traveled down to London for a weekend away. We decided on the first night there to try and get theatre tickets but ended up spending most of our money on them. At £5 a pint in most places in London I was pretty nervous about how the rest of the trip might play with not much money left. Skip forward to the day after and a free hotel desk apple for breakfast was enough to keep us going for a stroll around Camden market. Lunch time was dawning on us and my belly was rumbling. After a quick search I found a place that might fill a very big hole and not leave one as big in my wallet. 

Pizza union is based just a short walk from Kings Cross station. There is another one at Spitalfields but on this case we visited Kings Cross. It’s obviously a pizza place but not anything like a hut or an express but like a new concept, a concept that is yet to take to the north of this country, or any other establishment I’ve eaten in. 

It was simple really. We walked in and joined the line to the counter. A glance at the menu and we decided to share a four seasons pizza. There were some snacks such as olives and nuts in glasses and pots of dips like chilli sauce and barbecue next to the counter. We picked a couple of these, a coke and a beer and it came to £15!! That was shocking price for the centre of London. If they had asked me for £25/30 I wouldn’t have begrudged paying especially when I saw the quality of the food. 

We were given a buzzer and chose somewhere to sit amongst the many bench style seats and tables. A couple of minutes later and the buzzer was set off, I went up to collect my pizza and was relieved that it wasn’t a thick crust covered in grease and cheese but a thin crispy base with a deep red sauce with perfectly roasted toppings only achieved by cooking it in a traditional stone oven. Something that wouldn’t look out of place on the table of a Roma cafe. The pizza was big enough to feed the two of us for lunch. A full one would have been more that enough for an evening meal. 

I am so angry that there is nothing like this up north yet. I for one would be making regular trips for pizza if there was one in Manchester. The casual feeling mixed with with great food is a rarity in the north, casual dining is restricted to fast food outlets and Nando’s and good food can only really be found in good restaurants. The only good thing to come from Pizza Unions lack of northern presence is what would inevitably make it a horrible place to be, large groups of teenagers in skin tight track suits and huge baseball caps taking selfies of them and their pizza. #pizzaunioncrew! 


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